Ongoing Projects

A Rose For A Small Heart

A project to train cardiologists and heart surgeons at FTGM to help doctors in disadvantaged countries and to treat young patients from such countries who are suffering from serious heart problem at the FTGM’s Ospedale del Cuore and/or setting up missions for health activities in their countries.

With Soleterre
Uganda: A Rose in the Desert

The project in Uganda intends to provide families of children with cancer a new serene space in which to live during treatment.
Soleterre’s intervention is integrated and multidimensional, at the same time aiming to strengthen the components of prevention, reception, medical and psychological care and socio-domestic reintegration of patients.

With Soleterre
Ukraine: A Rose in the Dacha

A project that intends to offer Ukrainian families with children with cancer a real home to live in Kiev during therapy, with free high quality services.
Furthermore we want to guarantee the presence of a psychological support for mothers and children both during hospitalization and when they are guests of the House.
Finally, the project will ensure physiotherapy for children in the hospital and in the home.

Rose For Hospitality

This project aims to improve the accommodation facilities at the FTGM Heart Hospital.
The accommodation is for parents whose children have been hospitalized, for pregnant women who are carriers of cardiopathic fetuses, for pediatric patients who need a series of follow-ups, and for health workers from disadvantaged countries who have come for training courses.

With Soleterre
Taranto: A Rose between Two Seas

The project is in support of the Paediatric Oncology Department of the SS Annunziata Hospital of Taranto which requires the addition of two new doctors specializing in paediatric oncohaematology to strengthen the team of doctors specifically dedicated to children with cancer. Soleterre raised a more than adequate sum to support the position of a doctor. Rosa Prístina will finance the remaining sum to ensure the addition of two doctors.

A Rose on the shores of the Adriatic

The “Madonnina del Grappa” Shkodër Cardiopediatric Center is the only facility in Albania for the diagnosis of pediatric, newborn and prenatal heart disease. The project provides diagnostic equipment, teleconsultation services and funds to intervene, even in an emergency, on newborns with congenital heart disease and pregnant women with fetuses with heart disease.

A Rose at this time of emergency

The Covid-19 epidemic has changed each and everyone’s lives. It is not only a public health crisis but an economic one, causing financial hardship and extreme poverty. And so we couldn’t just stand idly by and do nothing, simply “stay at home”…
We have aided and are continuing to support Caritas, the charitable arm of the Diocese of Pisa, as well as the Hospital and the Local Health Authority of Alessandria.

With Soleterre
Lviv, Ukraine: A Rose Against High Risk Cancer

The aim of the project is to set up a Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Western Ukraine. This will improve the treatment of complex cases of pediatric oncology by providing equipment and specialized training, as well as megachemotherapy and state-of-the-art techniques for stem cell collection and transplantation.

A Rose for Tomorrow

A project to support higher education in the research fields that the FTGM shares with the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, in the Postgraduate Course in Translational Medicine and in the new PhD Course in Health Science, Technology and Management.

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