Self-determination Work and Independent Life

Based on the experiences gained in recent years, in March 2023 AIPD Pisa launched the new «Self-determination – Work and Independent Life»; Project to which the Rosa Prístina Foundation provides significant financial support.

The project is the ideal continuation and evolution of the project «Let's set up a house – the right to grow up!» that was carried out from September 2019 to February 2023 by AIPD Pisa with the financial support of our Foundation.

The fundamental objective of the project is to promote the social inclusion of young people and adults with Down syndrome through their individual and social growth.
This involves:
1. promoting self-determination, i.e. the possibility for people with Down syndrome to make choices and decisions based on their own preferences and interests so that they can control and regulate their own actions;
2. protecting people’s rights to a life that is as independent and self-organized as possible, outside the family nucleus of origin, chosen and built on the basis of their own needs and passions;
3. protecting the right to work and active participation in social life.

The project entails interventions within the family (both parents and children with Down syndrome) and outside the family and in the local area, to broaden social consensus on the objectives of the project and to share the objective of overall inclusion for people with disabilities.
It is a two-year project that provides for a monitoring system which, through indicators that are as objective as possible, evaluates the development process of the activities over time, in order to measure the effectiveness and impact generated by the actions taken.