The Rosa Prístina foundation, whose name is a tribute to Umberto Eco, one of the greatest contemporary intellectuals, is a philanthropic entity that

«…pursues social, humanitarian and research goals, working in the aid, health and education sectors…» 

(from the statute of the Foundation)

What we do

To pursue the aforementioned purposes, the Foundation financially supports institutions that operate with competence, reliability and effectiveness in:

Humanitarian Assistance

Aid for the poor worldwide: literacy programs, natural disasters, assistance to the elderly, the sick, the disabled, people in need.

Research and Medical Facilities

Health solutions for eradicating certain illnesses, treating diseases, improving people’s lives.


At all levels, from access to literacy to high-level science and humanities.
There are many populations and communities in need; the number of people in difficulty and in pain is very high.

Research and the medical facilities need to be supported.

The greatest possible number of people must be able to take advantage of the increasingly effective therapies and treatments that science continues to develop.

There are many children with no access to education. Many young people have no possibility to study and use their talents.

But fortunately there are many organizations around the world operating effectively in the aforementioned sectors and which are involved in high-level projects.

The Foundation financially supports truly excellent institutions that operate in humanitarian assistance, health care and education, in the knowledge that the financial means to implement such programs are never sufficient.

For these reasons the Rosa Prístina Foundation was established as a philanthropic institution. Along with the founder and “the founding donors” have set up the funds for achieving the goals of the Foundation.

In addition to the initial financial resources, the Foundation is raising funds through donations, also drawing from the network of relationships that the founder has built through his business activities, but also through future plans to attract the interest of potential supporters of the Foundation.


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