A Rose in the Pwani

The «A Rose in the Pwani» project started in spring 2020 with a mission to the Tumbi Referral Hospital of Kibaha and the Consolata Hospital of Ikonda – Tanzania. This project is part of an agreement between Rosa Prístina and Ada Manes Foundation for Children Onlus, signed in March 2022.

The project aims to help children with malformations and thus to train local general surgeons in the specialized techniques of pediatric surgery, both through “on the job training” at the operating table and through interactive lessons on specific topics in the field.

By the spring of 2023, when the team of Ada Manes' doctors was leaving for their third mission, there had already been more than 70 patient examinations carried out by specialists and more than 50 operations on children with urogenital and intestinal pathologies. Many cases have been very severe requiring surgery of considerable complexity assisted by local doctors.

The interactive lessons have dealt with congenital urological, genital and intestinal pathologies, not only for surgeons but also for paediatricians and neonatologists.




The project is creating a climate of cooperation between the Ada Manes team and the Tanzanian health facilities and doctors: in anticipation of the third mission – which is underway now – the hospitals have already set up waiting lists for surgical interventions to change the lives of the local children.

The Rosa Prístina Foundation  is providing approximately 84% of the costs.