A Rose between Two Seas

As part of the Framework Convention between our Foundation and Soleterre, the Implementation Agreement for the «A Rose between Two Seas» project was signed on 7 February 2020.
This is a five-year project to support the Paediatric Oncology Department of the SS Annunziata Hospital of Taranto and plans to include two new doctors specializing in paediatric oncohaematology to strengthen the team of doctors specifically dedicated to children with cancer. 

The correlation, now widely demonstrated, between the incidence of cancer and industrial pollution makes data in the Taranto area dramatic reading. According to research promoted by the Istituto Superiore della Sanità and the Ministry of Health, both infant mortality and the incidence of cancer in children aged 0 to 14 are far higher than the regional average. 

Soleterre already supports the wonderful work done by the doctors and all the staff of the ward, with the psychological support for children and their families and financial support for families in difficulty. 

However the department, which is directed by Dr Cecinati, has grown enormously in a short time and it has therefore also become essential to strengthen the medical structure in order to continue to provide a high-quality service.

For this purpose – thanks to the special episode of the television show Piazza Pulita on 19 December 2019 – Soleterre has promoted an extraordinary fundraiser, aimed at including at least one new doctor in the ward specializing in paediatric oncohaematology. The sum collected is more than enough to support the position of a doctor for the five years of specialization. 

Rosa Prístina has therefore offered to finance the remaining part necessary to ensure the cost of two doctors for five years, in addition to the job grants covering the transitional period necessary for the completion of admission to the specialization courses.

All the photos on this page are by Ugo Panella, courtesy of the author free of charge.