A Rose For A Small Heart

«A ROSE FOR A SMALL HEART». has been operational since June 2019, a project with the CNR Foundation of Tuscany G. Monasterio ( Monasterio ), and involves:
caring for young patients suffering from serious heart diseases from countries that lack specific medical centers for cardiac diseases, at the Ospedale del Cuore (Monasterio), and/or carrying out missions for health activities in their countries.
specialist clinical training by cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and cardioanaesthesiologists of Monasterio for the benefit of doctors in such  countries.

The project is part of Monasterio’s more than ten years of experience in international health cooperation. The aim is to treat pediatric heart patients from countries where no specific medical centers for cardiac diseases are available in order to improve their living conditions through prevention, diagnosis and care in their countries.

So far, despite Covid and war,

  • dozens of young patients suffering from serious heart disease from Ukraine, Moldavia , Tunisia, Mexico, and Kazakhstan have been operated on and cared for at the Ospedale del Cuore di Monasterio.
    And all this is completely free of charge: from transport, to the hospitalization and treatment of young patients, to the hospitality of at least one family member during the entire period of hospitalization, and up to the follow-up, before returning to their home country;
  • Monasterio`s team of doctors, surgeons and nursing staff carried out two missions to Kazakhstan during which diagnostic activities and complex surgical interventions were carried out, as well as specialist training and on-the-job training of the Kazak healthcare personnel. In addition, doctors from the Almaty Hospital were hosted at the Ospedale del Cuore for training.

Monasterio and Rosa Prístina are satisfied with the work done so far and continue with
ever greater determination to achieve the Project`s objectives.