A Rose For Hospitality

As part of the framework convention between our Foundation and the Fondazione CNR – Regione Toscana G. Monasterio (Monasterio), on September 16, 2019 the agreement for the project «UNA ROSA PER L’ACCOGLIENZA» (A Rose For Hospitality) was signed.

This project aims to strengthen accommodation facilities at ​​the Monasterio’s Ospedale del Cuore (Monasterio Heart Hospital). The FTGM Heart Hospital has are three buildings for accommodating overseas guests. These guest houses highlight how the hospital is committed to international cooperation in terms of caring for patients and training health workers from disadvantaged countries.

These guest houses accommodate various types of guests:

  • parents whose children have been hospitalized,
  • pregnant women who are carriers of cardiopathic fetuses and are going to deliver their baby at the hospital,
  • pediatric patients (with their families) who need a series of follow-ups,
  • health workers from disadvantaged countries who have come for training courses.

The project aims to renovate the existing buildings and the surrounding access areas, thereby enhancing the capacity of the accommodation and making full use of all the structures present at the hospital.

The project involves:

  1. making the entire area of guest rooms safe in order to contain any landslides or flooding;
  2. improving the access road to two buildings;
  3. renovating the buildings.

We believe that the quality of a first-rate cardiac surgery service is also strengthened with adequate support structures.

Another small step towards healthcare system of excellence open to all!