Let’s make a home

The right to grow up!

«Let’s set up a house – the right to grow up!» was set up in September 2019 and was carried out successfully by AIPD, despite the enormous impact of Covid-19, which slowed down and even curbed activities due to the risks involved and household concerns.

The Project which came to completion a few months late and fewer participants than had been hoped. It was, nevertheless, a success, having achieved most of its objectives and having contributed to the development and strengthening of the functional and operational capabilities of AIPD Pisa, with benefits for the quality and breadth of services provided to people with Down syndrome living in the Pisa area.

The young people with Down syndrome managed to increase the number of tasks that are part a domestic routine, thus becoming more autonomous in carrying them out – each to the best of their abilities. The group of youngsters succeeded in managing their group in terms of their community: the organization of the menu, shopping list, planning of kitchen shifts and tidying up and cleaning the common areas.

Even those who just went through the training phase benefited from the experience, obtaining an increase in their skills of housing autonomy, management and coexistence. The project has also had a positive impact on the families of the Association who were not directly involved but who became aware of issues relating to independent living.

Finally, the experience gained from the project means that in few project, the AIPD operators will be even more efficient in organizing the training period.

In fact, the Project has a continuation in the new «Self-determination of Work and Independent Life» project which was already started in March 2023 by AIPD Pisa, again with the financial support of our Foundation.