Ada Manes Foundation for Children

The Ada Manes Foundation for Children was set up in Pescara in 2015. The aim is to reduce the level of suffering in children and adolescents above all from the poorest countries in the world through socio-health interventions. The Foundation focuses on congenital and acquired pediatric diseases for which the only therapy is surgery, ensuring that this is always a possible and safe option for every child.

The Foundation is committed to running projects in Italy, but above all in international health cooperation programs in low and medium income countries, focused on the diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired malformation childhood pathologies . Its main purpose is training in pediatric surgery for medical and nursing staff in countries with limited resources. This involves making them prepared and autonomous in managing neonatal, childhood and adolescent surgical pathologies. In fact, the number of pediatric surgeons in low-income countries is insufficient to treat a population under the age of 15, which can be up to 45% in parts of Africa and Latin America.

The most advanced pediatric surgical techniques are used for patients from all places and social backgrounds and this involves:

  • improving the facilities dedicated to pediatric surgery;
  • training specialists through scholarships for research projects in the field of pediatric surgery;
  • setting up international cooperation projects in developing countries, also in partnership with other Italian and foreign associations and NGOs that share the Foundation’s objectives;
  • supplying medical and / or IT equipment for the teams that carry out pediatric surgery;
  • organizing international missions with highly specialized medical teams to carry out surgical interventions in developing countries;
  • running training projects, carried out in Italy and in developing countries, for medical and nursing staff, thus enhancing human resources and local health structures.