A Rose in the Dacha

On June 27, 2019, the Implementation Agreement for the project «A ROSE IN THE DACHA» was signed under the Framework Convention between our Foundation and the Soleterre Foundation.
It is a three-year project that intends to offer Ukrainian families with children with cancer a real home to live in Kiev, with free high quality services.

Furthermore we want to guarantee the presence of a psychological support for mothers and children both during hospitalization and when they are guests of the House.

Finally, the project will ensure physiotherapy for children in the hospital and in the home.
The need to complete treatments with psychological support therapies dedicated to children and families is in fact indispensable to guarantee the success of the treatments and the well-being of the patients even beyond recovery.

The “Dacha” shelter, which Soleterre opened in 2009, is a safe place that helps families cope with the trauma of the disease and the difficulty of treatment in a familiar and peaceful environment, but it is also a support to the healthcare system.
The beneficiaries of Dacha are:

  • families coming from outside Kiev (almost all of the children in the hospital) who can be treated on a day-hospital basis (e.g. for radiotherapy cycles)
  • newborns and their mothers, for whom staying at the hospital dorm is more complicated (hospital meals are not suitable for small children and there is no kitchen for mothers in the ward)
  • family of children who have undergone amputations or endoprothesis implants, for which the stay in the dormitory presents logistical problems and which require a targeted rehabilitation and physiotherapy service
  • parents and relatives of hospitalized children who visit for a few days
  • other cases reported by the network of associations operating in the pediatric oncology departments of Kiev

This is a complex intervention that seeks to act on the various factors that determine access and quality of care.